Renewable energy

The “Renewable Energy” news category serves as a central hub, elucidating the developments and strides being made in various renewable energy sectors, including hydrogen, hydropower, wind energy, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and more.

This category provides a panoramic view of the ever-growing and evolving landscape of the renewable energy sector. This segment endeavors to bring to the forefront the latest news, breakthroughs, and discussions surrounding the diverse forms of renewable energy resources. It encapsulates the developments, projects, and innovations happening in the sectors of hydrogen energy, hydropower, wind energy, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), among others, weaving a rich narrative of the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Drax given green light for pumped storage hydro plant

Drax Group receives green light from the Scottish Government for its ground-breaking plans to build a new c.GBP 500M underground pumped storage hydro plant.

Gulf-to-Europe hydrogen pipeline project

RINA and AFRY have undertaken an initial study of how the Gulf region and Europe could be linked directly with a pipeline to transport low-carbon hydrogen.

TotalEnergies and VNG join forces on green hydrogen

TotalEnergies and VNG, have signed an agreement to initiate the future supply of green hydrogen to the Leuna refinery operated by TotalEnergies.

DNOW acquires EcoVapor

DistributionNOW announced the acquisition of EcoVapor, offering an ever-expanding suite of emissions management and biogas purification solutions

Plug, OLN launch JV for 15-ton-per-day hydrogen plant

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG), a provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, and Olin Corporation (OLN), a vertically integrated chlor alkali producer and marketer, announced the launch of a joint venture

Higher refuelling capacity for hydrogen drive

Fuel cell technology makes an important contribution to achieving an emission-free future.

Maiden voyage of the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier

Shell celebrates the completion of the maiden voyage of the world's first liquefied hydrogen carrier,

MAN invests up to €500m in hydrogen production

Over the next few years, MAN Energy Solutions will invest up to EUR 500M in its subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS to transform the hydrogen specialist into a mass-producer of PEM electrolyzers as quickly as possible.

KBR to support Shell’s strategic ambition

KBR has been awarded a contract to provide professional services to Shell Global Solutions International B.V. for hydrogen liquefaction development.

Parker Hannifin presents its H2-compatible products

Parker Hannifin, the motion and control technologies company has presented a wide range of H2 solutions at the Hydrogen Online Workshop, which included the latest emission reducing hydrogen technologies available for off-road machinery & heavy-duty transportation.

Renewable energy

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