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What’s happening and hot in the valve and actuation industry? Mergers and acquisitions, promotions, interesting development in end-user sectors, new project deals and so on.

IMI Critical Engineering expands the marine division

IMI Critical Engineering is expanding its capabilities in Australia with the opening of a specialised marine division in Adelaide.

WIKA Group invests in LoRaWAN experts of LORIOT

WIKA Group is making a strategic investment into LORIOT AG. LORIOT is a leading IIoT company enabling long-range IIoT networks worldwide.

Baker Hughes acquires Mosaic Materials

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, has acquired Mosaic Materials Inc. to further develop and scale its next-generation capture technology for carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction from stationary sources and CO2 removal (CDR) from the atmosphere.

Linde to continue expanding capacity in U.S. Gulf Coast

Linde is expanding its La Porte, Texas, facility, effectively doubling the facility’s merchant liquid production capacity.

Energies must be steered in the right direction

The exceptional family business celebrates its 115th anniversary. It all began back in 1907 with the pivotal invention of the first thermostat valve.

STATS Group to support the industry with Net-Zero goals

STATS Group is in a strong position to capitalise on new opportunities in the transition to more sustainable energy supplies and a carbon net-zero future.

Albion’s apprentice follows in his brother’s footsteps

Twelve months ago, Albion Valves (UK) Ltd created a vacancy for its second-ever Sales Office Apprentice.

Valmet and Neles merge into Valmet

With the merger between Valmet and Neles into Valmet, the new company will be a “leading company with a unique offering for process industries globally with illustrative combined net sales for 2020 of approximately EUR 4.3 billion.

KBR, ExxonMobil to collaborate on PDH technology

KBR and ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC (ExxonMobil) will collaborate to bring significant advancements to propane dehydrogenation (PDH) technology.

Matco-Norca’s new valve catalog

The design of the modern valve can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution.