Repurposing sourcing: a procurement strategy worth looking at

Repurposing is a strategy that is generally overlooked when it comes to sourcing. Procurement does not necessarily have to be a pricey undertaking, as...

Control valve Q&A

Q: In a balanced cage trim globe control valve, if the test pressure is greater than the value quoted in the FCI 70.2 Standard,...

Hybrid packing to solve valve sealing

Valve packing solutions have their drawbacks, like a low recovery rate. ProPack proposes new options to solve those problems. Text and images by PropackToday, valve...

SoCalGas delivers clean energy for [H₂] Innovation Experience

The drive for a renewable, carbon-free energy transition reaches individual residences and consumers with small-scale hydrogen production and utilisation. Text by Emerson. All figures courtesy...

New water reclamation plant

A water reclamation facility in Australia harnesses and cleans stormwater, then pumps it back into the aquifer. Text & images by Acrodyne Site overview The Water Reclamation...

Digital ID card for industrial valves

The DIN SPEC 91406/IEC 61406 and VDI2770 standards provide support for digitisation in the valve industry.

Shenzhen’s secondary water supply systems

One in three people worldwide live without access to clean drinking water. Even major cities with established utilities are projected to fall short of demand for potable water.

Casting simulation

The use of numerical simulation during the casting of valve parts provides essential information that cannot otherwise be seen.

One-stop shop: Modules for sea water desalination

In the practice of desalination, control valves are used to assist in the process of reverse osmosis.

Dual purpose valve for control & on-off

Mr V Murugappan, Instrumentation Engineer at Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd. discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a single valve for both throttling and on/off functions.