Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon Monsen on control valve for a liquid system involving very short runs of pipe both upstream and downstream of the valve.

Resolving valve challenges in polymer discharge systems

Bernard Horsfield shares 3 decades of valve performance insights in polymer discharge systems with Valve World.

Coatings for valves & actuators

Coatings are available which can provide suitable protection to valves and actuators, both internally and externally, in even the severest of applications.

Comparison of emission tests with helium and hydrogen for graphite gaskets

Hydrogen's versatility and clean nature hold promise for revolutionizing our energy future, from powering vehicles to storing renewable energy.

Determination of gasket characteristics at cryogenic temperature

EN 13555 tests gasket materials, but excludes cryogenic conditions, where materials may become brittle at -40 °C.

Control valves with IO-link increase plant availability

RHODIUS Mineralquellen invests in IO-link tech for top-quality products. Retrofitted tunnel pasteuriser with Schubert & Salzer valves.

Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon Monsen on bench testing control valve performance to make sure that the valve will perform satisfactorily when installed in the process.

Can we combine the advantages of linear and rotary actuators?

Exploring valve and actuator types and benefits of combining linear and rotary motion in this article.

Elastomer guideline transfer to KTW-BWGL

Elastomer-bonded sealing materials that come in contact with drinking water need to be tested and certified.

Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon Monsen on sizing a control valve for gas service as it asks for the density or the compressibility factor of the gas.