Control valves: material and design challenges

High pressures and temperatures and/or highly corrosive media pose higher demands on control valves.

Flowserve expands educational service capabilities

Flowserve Corporation (FLS), a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has announced the opening of a new Learning Resource Center

The promise of hydrogen comes with the responsibility of safety

Most of us are exposed to a variety of fuels and energy sources each day. The more common include gasoline, natural gas, propane, and electricity.

Using regenerative thermal oxidizers to replace flares & treat fugitive emissions

Fugitive Emissions are estimated to make up around 5% of total global emissions and are one of the major concerns within the hydrocarbon production and logistics industry.

Combatting fugitive methane emissions for climate progress

As the world continues in its efforts to curb climate change, it has become more critical than ever that we alter business practices to eradicate greenhouse gas emissions.

Valve design and selection of breather valves

Breather valves are designed to regulate tank pressures to protect the integrity of the tank construction, minimize product loss and to protect the environment and ensure worker safety.

Mina do Barroso: the global fight for lithium

With global demand for lithium ramping up, major economic blocks are frantically trying to secure sufficient supply for the precious metal.

A brief history of ASME M and Y factors

ASME gasket factors have been deployed in the design of flanges for over 80 years. Despite this, little is known about the evolution of their development.

Environmental protection agency proposes to adopt new standards of performance

Companies and organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are attempting to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and other harmful pollutants from the Crude Oil and Natural Gas source category.

Control valve flow testing and wear mechanisms

When sizing a control valve for a particular application, it is important to know parameters such as the Flow Coefficient (CV) or Pressure Recovery factor (FL) to determine if the valve will meet its intended duty.