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Water and the circular economy

The violent contrasts between dry and wet weather of recent months have laid bare the urgent need to build, maintain and upgrade water management infrastructure.

Thinking outside the catalog: a valve for every application

Since its inception, Bonney Forge has been devoted to surpassing expectations and exceeding industry standards.

EMICO: Redesigning the flow

When it comes to manufacturing ball valves for applications in the oil and gas industry, EMICO (Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.) is certainly no novice.

Key differences between API and ISO standards

Valve manufacturers are required to meet certain standards of quality to manufacture, operate and provide products that are certified to the customer specific operating conditions for their applications.

Pressure relief valves; the last line of defence

The installation of safety and relief valves in pressure vessels and the use of stop valves upstream and downstream are considered the last lines of defence for equipment subjected to an internal pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.

SMS TORK: tradition and ambition fuel our growth

Since its inception in 1985, SMS TORK has grown from Turkey’s pioneer in the manufacture of pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves into a globally established specialist in flow control solutions.

LNG as a new bearer of hope

LNG has been delivering gas for years and is experiencing a strong boom as the conflict with Russia leads to greater energy diversification in western industrialised countries.

Pure and affordable drinking water

Sliding gate valves are optimising Belgium’s largest facility for RO water purification.

Power generation: no magic bullet

In an ideal world, the energy scarcity triggered by the war in Ukraine would serve as a wake-up call to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Equinor’s Digital Inventory: shapes of things to come

Additive manufacturing (AM) and creating a Digital Inventory are inextricably linked. If companies strive to adapt AM and reap its full benefits, they have to digitalize their inventories.