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Our Featured articles are long reads that require more reading time than our news articles. In this section, you can find our cover stories, compelling content featuring prominent manufacturers, end-user interview with valve experts around the world, in-depth technical articles and interesting project reports from various industries, ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to power generation, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries.

Powell Valves: Building a better valve every day

Since 1846, Powell Valves leads innovation, supplying valves to NASA and chosen by Thomas Edison, boasting 178 years of success.

Water 4.0 – a revolution in purity

Water Mgmt Goes Digital! Boost efficiency & safety with digital tools for a sustainable future.

Social Media Marketing in the Valve Industry

Valve industry sees rise in social media marketing alongside technological advancements.

Understanding the Valve Trifecta: an interview with Matt Hartfiel and Charles Metrailer, MRC Global...

Valve trifecta: quality, delivery, price. Key considerations for valve selection.

Hubei Taihe: The cryogenic valve expert

"Hydrocarbon industries adapting for energy security and sustainability," Lindsay Coutinho.

Trends in refining and petrochemicals

"Hydrocarbon industries adapting for energy security and sustainability," Lindsay Coutinho.

Water: the race against time

Water, vital for survival, faces threats. Agriculture relies on it. Valves crucial in water conservation, recycling, and desalination.

Predictive maintenance for valves – more than detecting failures

Predictive maintenance detects asset changes preemptively, optimizing performance. Scaling up solutions requires effective data management.

BAC Valves – resilience and excellence in the global market

BAC Valves excels in crafting superior ball and butterfly valves for chemical, and processing industries. Celebrating 66 years of quality innovation.

Overcoming powder transfer perils and safeguarding worker safety

ChargePoint Technology's Ben Wylie explores hazards, safety limitations, and solutions for powder containment in industries.