ACROGEARS gearbox mounted to knife gate valve

Often it is requested to mount the products to customers’ valves, in this case, the valve is free-issued to perform the complete procedure and thoroughly test the completed assembly.

The Ebro DN350 Valve received the ACROGEARS AG-B3 bevel gearbox inclusive of drive nut screw cutting and clear stem tube cover.

A special feature of the ACROGEARS gearbox is that the drive nut can be removed from the top facilitating inspection and or replacement, this feature means minimal offline time during planned maintenance.

This series is suitable for use with Gate and Globe type valves. Also, Sluice gates and other types require linear motion for thrust and torque applications.

The features include: Unique top entry replaceable stem nut; Ductile iron class 65-45-12 housing; Thrust capabilities of up to 5,450,000N; Torque capabilities of up to 93,103Nm; Rising or non-rising stem designs; and Motor drive adaptors available.

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