ACS offers Genebre motorised butterfly valves

ACS offers a comprehensive range of Genebre motorised butterfly valves, suitable for HVAC applications.
Complete with IP67 actuators, for both modulating, on/off, as well as failsafe control, these valves are ideal for most applications. Some advantages include housing made from anodised aluminium casting, high corrosion protection with epoxy powder coating and a valve coupling flange in accordance with ISO 5211. Other advantages include low noise function, protection IP 67 suitable for outdoor use, and mechanical position indicator, emergency manual operation, mechanical end stops to limit the actuator stroke thus avoiding any damage to the valve, and automatic temperature control thermostatically controlled heater eliminating damage by condensation. There is also an electronic torque limiter, which cuts the power to the motor when the maximum torque peaks which helps prevent damage to the actuator.
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