^ Actuatech technical department – GHDP customization phase.

Article by Lucien Joppen 


Established in 2001, Actuatech started its pneumatic part turn actuators production with the purpose of servicing valve manufacturing companies and pneumatic flow control specialists, with the focus on the export markets and high quality. The company has built its market share on excellent reputation for quality products and on time service.
The company manufactures GHDP scotch-yoke actuators that are designed to operate heavy duty remote control of ball-, butterfly- and plug valves in quarter turn operation, either ON/OFF and modulating duty. Fabricated in a carbon steel frame, electroless nickel-plated cylinders and chromium plated piston rod ensure optimum performance. Thanks to the special working system that reduces the friction and avoids stick-slip effect GHDP actuators provide efficient service with minimum maintenance.
The heavy-duty quarter turn actuator GHDP from  Actuatech provides reliable control of high-volume media flows. These include, for example, large volumes of supply and exhaust air or clear and wastewater. Designed in accordance with the scotch-yoke principle, the quarter turn actuator GHDP is exceptionally reliable. With torque ratings from 9,000 Nm to 32,000 Nm, it guarantees reliable control of highvolume media flows. It is ideal for the automation of large ball valves, butterfly valves and air dampers used in power plants and the chemical industry.
This modular system offers powerful solutions for various applications in process automation. The actuators are available in double acting and in spring return version, with rotation in clockwise-to-close direction or counterclockwise-to-close direction. All these versions can be realized in accordance to customer requirements due to the flexibility ensured by the modular system of the actuators.
GHDP allows assembling of wide range external devices, such as sensor boxes or positioners. The GHDP can be used at any ambient temperature between -20 and 80°C. Different temperature ratings are available only upon request: -20° to 150°C and -50° to 60°C. Output torque can be adapted for different applications by configuring various spring cartridges and cylinder diameter thanks to the modular system of the actuators.

An hydraulic manual override is available in option on all sizes of actuators and make possible to operate manually the valve without using of supply pressure. Also, mechanical manual override is available – always an option – on some sizes and version of actuators.

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