Actuator accessories

Ultraflo has a new range of accessories for its complete line of pneumatic actuators. New accessories include four- and three-way solenoid valves, pneumatic positioners, electro-pneumatic positioners, valve status monitors and proximity position indicators. All pneumatic actuator accessories from Ultraflo mount directly to Ultraflo pneumatic actuators and comply with Namur recommendations (VDI/VDE3845) as standard. Four- and three-way solenoid valves provide electrical operation of pneumatic actuator on/off functions. Four-way solenoids are direct mounted to the actuator by a Namur interface, with no external tubing required. Both waterproof (NEMA 4) and explosion-proof (NEMA 4,7,9) housings are standard. NPT and IP65 DIN connections are offered with both single and dual coils. The air supply connection is 0.25in NPT and the electrical connection is 0.5in NPT. A manual override is located on the top of the valve body. A three-way solenoid is also available. Modular pneumatic positioners automatically position the output shaft to precise valve angles between 0 and 90 degrees with a standard positioner input signal of 3-15lb/in2. They function with double acting or spring return actuators and feature selectable speed control, fast and accurate calibration, two NPT conduit entries, reversible and split range functions.

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