Actuator aims for versatility

In launching the LA35 series, SMAC reckons it has produced an actuator with unrivalled versatility. By incorporating features and lessons learnt from working with recent high-profile OEMs, the new range has moved voice-coil actuators into areas which were previously the exclusive domain of high-resolution piezos and galvanometers at one end of the range, and pneumatics and mechanical systems at the other. Submicron encoders have been coupled to the latest generation of voice coils and an extremely stiff linear guide to provide high degrees of repeatability together with fast acceleration, fast settling times and controlled force.
With this versatile range SMAC are targeting not only the traditional industries such as SMT, pick and place, die and wire-bonding switch-testing and semiconductor manufacture, but also applications in the QA, gauging, surface profiling, and increasingly tensile materials testing.
Other key areas of development have been scanning, optical alignment and several photonics applications. In common with all SMAC actuators it is fully programmable, permitting the user to exert complete control over force, acceleration and velocity.

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