Actuator for Salmanovskoye Arctic LNG project

Paladon Systems is ready to ship a big batch of Actuator for Salmanovskoye Arctic LNG Project, in Russia. The construction area is located in the north of the West Siberian lowland, in the Arctic Circle. The batch is composed of Quarter Turn Spring to Close and Double Acting Actuators, Models PND-31M-1590-DA-LC-52-HPHC78, PNS-0,4-201-DA-LC-52-HW, PNS-8-1590-SRC10F-LC-52 & PNS-8-1256-SRC10F-LC-52. 
Their Control System includes as main components two Solenoid Valves for Opening and Closing Operations, Handwheel or Handpump for Manual Operations in case of air loss and Positioner to control the stroke and for Partial Stroke Test.
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