The compression station in question belongs to GRTgaz and is located in the municipality of Evry-Grégy in Seine et Marne, France.

As a solution, the client turned to BERNARD CONTROLS for an explosion proof multi-turn actuator with intelligent control system due to the STX INTELLI+® ability to provide signalling continuity, partial stroking and Emergency Shutdown Device capability (ESD).

Furthermore, the precise and reliable transmission of information due to encoders to record both the valve position and torque transmission in real time were viewed as key reasons for the client's choice of their final solution. The remote control functionality and enhanced security features were also considered essential features. The options of either manual or non-intrusive automatic settings were also considered to offer a higher level of safety required at the compression station.


In October 2015 BERNARD CONTROLS delivered the electric actuators to the GRTGaz compression station. The explosion proof multi-turn actuators (STX) were mounted on gearboxes and equipped with the intelligent control system INTELLI+® to upgrade the valves interconnection grid to the latest ATEX regulations.

The supplier proceeded to undertake the retrofit which included the removal of existing installation points for the setting of new motors and gearboxes for the quarter turn valves. BERNARD CONTROLS also manufactured specific additional pieces, installed wiring, completed configuration, and finally conducted full equipment testing and commissioning. The project required taking into account not only the replacement of obsolete equipment but also working with the remaining valves, overcoming the difficulty of access as some of these were buried and featured non-standard gearbox flanges. This complex and delicate intervention required complete expertise from start to finish.

The client was happy with the result, citing the supplier’s comprehensive knowledge of the environment and long-term expertise. Effective communication by the supplier between local, commercial and technical teams and well executed logistic coordination were considered key factors by the client in exceeding their expectations.

The client has since decided to proceed with the next phase of actuator installations on other sites, to take place from September 2016.

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