Actuator swings both ways

HSI has added a Size 23 linear/rotary dual motion unit to its hybrid stepper motor products. HSI’s line of dual motion actuators provides independent linear and rotary motion from a compact package. The actuator is based on a unique, patent pending design and incorporates HSI’s proven motor technology. This unit simplifies bulky and complex mechanisms. A limitless number of operating parameters are offered allowing each device to be custom-manufactured according to customer specific application requirements. Using HSI’s stepper motors the unit is available in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from 0.0003125 to 0.001in per step, delivers thrusts of up to 200lb, and 65oz-in of torque without compromising long life. The rotary portion is a 1.8-degree step angle, however, it can be microstepped for finer resolution. The linear portion uses the same thermoplastic nut material as HSI’s high-efficiency long-life linear actuators. The product requires no maintenance (permanent lubrication) and is priced aggressively. The linear rotary unit allows for simplified system design and a reduction in the number of components. It is ideal for use in tight fitting applications requiring precise controllable motion, pick and place equipment, robotics, and a wide array of instrumentation.

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