Adanac sees increased demands for jacketed valves

Adanac has seen a dramatic increase in orders for jacketed valves. A large proportion of these valves are destined for UK production sites. In July and August 2013, Adanac manufactured 69 jackets fitted to a range of stainless steel ball valves for one customer, and in September and October, they shipped a further 45 valves with either full or partial jackets. They also have orders for a further 175 valves with heating jackets for delivery through November, December and January.

Heating jackets are used in a variety of applications where the process temperature needs to be maintained to keep the media fluid. Certain substances can solidify when temperatures drop. Often, there is potential for the media to be trapped within a closed valve, so the heating jacket can be vital to prevent this from happening. Heating jacket applications include the production of Chocolate, Sulphur recovery, Pharmaceutical and Fertiliser Products.

The jacketed valves that Adanac supplied included ball, ‘Y’ type strainers, gate, relief, check, butterfly and plug valves. The recent increase in demand has led Adanac to qualify additional welders to meet the requirements of ASME IX, which is expected to increase the welding capacity.

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