Aerotech launches ACT linear actuator series

Aerotech’s has unveiled its new ACT series of linear actuators, featuring ultra smooth brushless linear servomotors, sub micron level encoder feedback and heavy duty linear guide bearings. The devices are designed for demanding, high throughput/high accuracy positioning applications for parts handling, assembly, dispensing, pick and place, non contact inspection and scanning.

Available in widths of 115, 140 and 165mm, the modular ACT series is designed to provide the capability for higher production throughput and improved accuracy in comparison to ball screw and belt driven alternatives. According to the company, it offers maximum speed to 5m/s and acceleration to 5g. It has a travel range from 100mm to 1.5m.

Users can select from a range of complete positioning systems, with price and performance matched to requirements. These include uncertified, certified or HALAR interferometer calibrated accuracy grades and a choice of power performance through a forced air cooled motor option. There are also alternative cable management systems and flexible mechanical interfacing options ranging from single and X-Y axis configurations through to multi axis systems with dual parallel axes in gantry positioning styles.

The series utilises Aerotech’s direct drive U-channel linear servomotor technology, designed to bring smooth performance with no cogging due to its non magnetic forcer coil. With zero backlash and zero friction, the company claims the 320VDC linear motor permits outstanding performance, as well as smooth velocity and positioning control.

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