Aker Solutions wins Murphy contract in Malaysia

Aker Solutions has signed an agreement with Murphy Sarawak Oil to deliver as many as 24 sets of splitter wellhead systems. The contract, which includes deliveries of ancillary equipment and services, is worth USD 15M and spans over three years with an extension period of one year.
Surface wellheads are used on land-based and shallow-water platforms for drilling and production equipment. Aker Solutions’ splitter wellhead system enables drilling of two or more wells from a single well slot on a platform. This reduces the number of well slots needed by at least 50%, and consequently requires less deck space. Murphy will use the equipment in Block SK 309/311, off the coast of Sarawak in East Malaysia.
“This is the first major surface wellhead contract for Aker Solutions in Malaysia”, says Dave Hutchinson, head of Aker Solutions’ subsea operations in Asia. “We look forward to developing our relationship with Murphy in South East Asia, where we have worked together for several years.”
Most of the equipment will be produced at Aker Solutions’ dedicated surface wellhead manufacturing facility in Batam in Indonesia, while Aker Solutions’ Port Klang facility in Malaysia will produce the Shear-Safe surface gate valve actuators. The latter are used in the splitter wellhead system to improve the management of oil and gas flow under pressure.
Engineering and project management will be handled by Aker Solutions’ offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
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