Alcon EXm coil

Alcon Solenoid Valves has launched its new EXm rated valve actuation coil to provide precise dosing control for a new additive injection system designed specifically to handle the integration of biofuels into the domestic fuel market at the refinery. With governments and auto manufacturers the world over pursuing ways to reduce reliance on crude oil and reduce emissions, one of the favoured current methods – integrating biofuel into the existing fuel market is stimulating the development of new technology such as the new Alcon EXm coil. The UK Government has, for example, made a commitment that 5% of all fuels used for road vehicles should come from biofuels by 2010. Saab has recently launched BioPower cars that use a flexi-fuel engine that can run on bioethanol E85, petrol or any mixture of the two. Oil giant BP has also announced that it will open a world-scale bioethanol plant in Saltend, Hull, in conjunction with Associated British Foods (ABF) and DuPont, and Morrisons stores across the UK are already selling E85, the bioethanol and petrol mix. Working closely alongside one of the worlds leading companies specialising in instrumentation and software systems for bulk storage management, Alcon has developed the EXm coil to pilot Alcon valves for use in the biofuel mixing and delivery project. Available in 230, 110 and 24V DC options, the coil is designed to complement the existing range of Alcon valves while offering greater versatility being T5 classified, ATEX, and Alcon’s newest approval IECex, compliant.
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