Alfa Laval’s Unique valve

Fluid handling systems and equipment manufacturer Alfa Laval offers a new valve control unit that consists of an integrated automation unit and actuator, enabling simple control and operation of valves, and eliminating the need for separate automation units.

Alfa Laval’s Unique Control valve control unit offers optimal and reliable fluid handling, which it says is key to an efficient and cost-effective process. The com- pany adds that the control unit is designed to handle all applica-tions and is available as an option for Alfa Laval butterfly valves.

“An economical and effective process is about two things – simplicity and control. That is what Unique Control is all about,” says Alfa Laval global portfolio manager for valves Morten Vilholm.
The valve control unit features an innovative design where an air-pressure mechanism replaces the conventional mechanical actuator spring, resulting in improved durability.
The composite casing with-stands harsh environments with- out weakening, corroding or discolouring, and the Unique Control unit is not sensitive to pressure shocks or temperature variations, eliminating false alarms that can shut down the process.

The company notes that the actuator is tested for over one-million strokes, making it one of the most durable units on the market.

The Unique Control unit detects the type and size of a valve and monitors air pressure in the system. It will sense any gradual drop in pressure and send a warning signal, enabling the process to continue running or carry out a controlled action.

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