Alkon Corporation unveils two products

Alkon Corporation, a provider of high-quality pneumatic components and systems, is proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products: the Lightning® Lift-Axle Valve and Module-AIR®. Engineered to revolutionize trailer performance and reliability, these innovative products offer unparalleled accuracy, configurability, and durability for the transportation industry.

The Lightning Lift-Axle Valve sets a new standard in trailer performance, offering unmatched accuracy and speed. Designed to lift an axle within seconds, the Lightning Lift-Axle Valve activates with lightning speed in order to reduce tire damage during tight maneuvering and lowering again as soon as needed. Its simple installation process is combined with centralized connection points to minimize leak paths and ensure airtight hassle-free maintenance for operators. Manufactured entirely in the United States, the Lightning Lift-Axle Valve guarantees superior craftsmanship and precise pressure regulation, setting a new benchmark for trailer aftermarket and OEM solutions.

Alkon’s Module-AIR control system streamlines installation and provides endless valve configurability to the end customer, giving OEMs a strategic advantage over the competition. With reduced leak paths and centralized controls packaged in a durable composite box, Module-AIR provides a secure environment that gives peace of mind for quality valve operation for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Manufactured in Alkon’s state-of-the-art facilities here in the US, Module-AIR exemplifies the company’s commitment to quality, responsiveness, and innovation, empowering trailer OEMs to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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