Amalga receives certification

Amalga Composites Inc. has received ISO9001:2008 certification from ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), Certificate number 2010-010 dated 19 July 2010. James Dorman, CEO praised the leadership efforts of Dr. John DeLuca, President and Gregg Piper, VP Engi-neering/QA, in achieving this Certification for the company in a record nine months. Amalga Composites Inc. provides a broad base of applications: Black Amalgon Cylinder Tubing: for use in pneumatic cylinders, valve actuators, and can replace metal in many applications; Custom Engineered Products: for use in carbon fiber drive shafts, autonomous underwater vehicles, exploration instrumentation housings, RO vessels, rewind shafts, etc; Military Composite Products: for use in launch tubes, radomes, antennas, unmanned vehicles, counter attack applications, etc; Reservoir Quality Tubing: for use in air/oil reservoir or any low pressure application requiring translucent properties; Fiberglass Epoxy Tubing: for use in pump housings, antenna tubing and electrical insulating composite products; and Composite Core & Rollers: for use as rollers and cores for varies industries.

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