AMPO FOUNDRY delivers castings for coker valves

AMPO FOUNDRY has delivered 30 fully machined casting sets in stainless steel, A217 GrC5 and A217 GrC12 materials to an international leading manufacturer of coker ball valves for refinery applications. In the case of coker ball valves the embedding of abrasive particles in seat materials can abrade the ball surface and these grooves can then cause leak paths which further damage surfaces. Consequently, the solution is to use metal to metal seating, typically a hard-surfaced ball in nickel-boride or tungsten carbide versus a proven wear surface on the seats.

In this project, the 30 sets included the most important valve parts, such as bodies, body caps, balls and seats in different sizes and pressure ranges.

The stainless-steel balls were produced using the centrifugally spun process and were precision-machined, ground and hard-coated to a precise and controlled thickness.

The bodies and the body caps were cast in A217Gr C5 and A217 Gr C12 materials and were also fully machined. All of the components also underwent X-Ray and Dye Penetrant Non-Destructive Testing.

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