AMPO and GRZ TECHNOLOGIES have recently entered into a partnership agreement. Under this new collaboration, AMPO will serve as the commercial and integration partner for GRZ Technologies in Spain and Portugal. GRZ Technologies specializes in cutting-edge technology that enables the storage, compression, and processing of renewable hydrogen, as well as energy storage and generation at decentralized locations within the grid.

These hydrogen solutions leverage green hydrogen from an electrolyzer as an input, offering various applications. This includes transforming hydrogen into on-demand electric power, storing it at low pressure in a dense, safe, and compact manner, compressing it for use in hydrogen mobility or transportation, or combining it with CO2 to produce synthetic and renewable methane. Consequently, these technologies facilitate reliable, safe, efficient, and compact gas processing.

In essence, AMPO will distribute and integrate systems designed to endure and operate in decentralized parts of the power and gas grid, precisely where renewable energy sources are prevalent. The range of products includes Hydrogen-based Electrical Energy Storage in MWh size, Long-duration metal hydride hydrogen storage solutions ranging from kilograms to tons, Large Thermal dynamic hydrogen compressors, and Modular methanation solutions for e-Methane production through carbon capture and hydrogen integration.

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