AMPO POYAM VALVES awarded new contract in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco and the EPC Tekfen Instaat, which is based in Turkey, have once again trusted in AMPO POYAM VALVES for the design and manufacture of additional 250 sour service valves for Haradh and Hawiyah Gas Increment Program. With this new order, more than 700 valves designed and manufactured by the Spanish company will be installed in these facilities in Saudi Arabia. This program’s scope includes nine gas compression facilities, seven liquid separation stations and the expansion of the pipeline network to Haradh and Hawiyah Gas Plant.

AMPO POYAM VALVES will specifically design and supply 250 highly engineered gate and check valves with Incoloy 825 overlays up to 16” and 900 lbs, and all of them will be installed at the Satellite Gas Compression Pipeline. Most of them will be critical valves due to the high pressure as well as the application.

AMPO is a world leader in highly engineered and severe service valves and it offers the most suitable ad-hoc valve designs and material selection for each application. Moreover, it has its own integrated foundry, which is considered one of the best European Foundries and which offers in-house machining and weld overlay cladding technologies. Consequently, cladding operations are handled in AMPO with a high level of automation with diverse welding robots and cladding cells. Different high-quality surface coatings and hardenings are applied by this technology for special processes and applications in sealing and contact areas to provide anticorrosive qualities and wear resistance, anti-coking, metal dusting resistance, etc. In this project for example Incoloy 825 overlays will be applied to valve body and bonnets.

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