AMPO POYAM VALVES offer fast track replacement

Hundreds of AMPO valves have been installed in BOTAS LNG Terminal, in Turkey, since 1999. Due to a planned shutdown, the customer requested a fast track replacement to AMPO POYAM VALVES.

Specifically, a customized 12” and 1500 lbs cryogenic top entry ball valve was delivered in just three days. BOTAS LNG and Renaissance Heavy Industries EPC have invested in AMPO POYAM VALVES for this project.

Besides offering fast track replacement services, AMPO POYAM VALVES, with its AMPO SERVICE business unit, has a wide experience working with the technical staff of plants to define the minimum spare part availability in order to be capable to afford any unexpected case scenario and to be able to fix it with the minimum impact in the production of the plant.

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