Anglian Water extends AUMA Actuators’ SLA to 2028

AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK) has successfully extended its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Anglian Water until 2028. AUMA UK and Anglian Water worked in partnership to develop and deploy a new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators throughout the Anglian Water region. This extended SLA continues to provide Anglian Water with access to AUMA’s unique ‘rapid response’ service to replace both AUMA and other manufacturers’ equipment, as well as a ‘replacement in advance’ for critical actuators.

Anglian Water’s key objective is to maximise the availability of actuated valve operations throughout its region. The size and operating parameters of each installation varies, with a wide range of combinations of actuator, controls, and drive coupling required to be available at short notice. AUMA’s extensive range of high-performance actuators is designed using a modular approach to actuator components. Actuators can be quickly combined to provide a bespoke actuator assembly constructed to the exact requirements of applications.

Under Anglian Water’s SLA, AUMA undertakes to receive a faulty unit along with its drive coupling and replace it either from new or from service exchange stock, along with a newly machined drive coupling, within the agreed parameters of the SLA. AUMA offers a ‘Replacement in Advance’ service for critical installations, where AUMA provides a complete replacement unit in advance of the return of the faulty one.

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