AP1000(TM) Squib valves testing complete

Westinghouse Electric Co. LLC has successfully completed the Final Design Review of the AP1000™ squib valves. Representatives from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and AP1000™ utility customers were in attendance during the Final Design Review. Westinghouse has also successfully completed prototype testing of the AP1000™ squib valves and has begun the manufacturing process. These steps mark important milestones for the design of AP1000™ squib valves. These valves will ensure plant safety and operation in the Westinghouse AP1000™ nuclear power plants. The first Westinghouse AP1000™ plants are currently under construction in China, and future AP1000™ plants will begin construction in the U.S. Squib technology is used in aerospace and Department of Defense applications. It was selected to further enhance the AP1000™ Passive Cooling System to make the AP1000™ the safest and most advanced nuclear power plant in the world. The twelve highly specialized squib valves found in each AP1000™ nuclear power plant are being manufactured by SPX Corp. for Westinghouse Electric Co.

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