Application of fluid control technology to hydrogen refueling stations

Because of the transformative energy market, the demand for hydrogen is increasing. In order to facilitate these market needs, KITZ Corporation has come out with their HRS package.

By Tomoko Kubota, Deputy Manager, Hydrogen Division, KITZ Corporation

The HRS package unit.
The HRS package unit.

Hydrogen mobility market and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS)

Recently, the energy market has changed dramatically. Hydrogen mobility has developed rapidly. The requirements for HRSs are diversifying. They vary depending on refuel pressures at 35 MPa or 70 MPa, and HRS sizes, such as for smaller vehicles like hydrogen forklifts or large-scale applications like heavy duty trucks (HDT) and ships. To support the development of various types of hydrogen mobility, the HRS package unit has been developed with our advanced flow control technology.

Ball valve for high pressure hydrogen.
Ball valve for high pressure hydrogen.
Design Specifications
Valve Type Full port (straight), Trunnion ball
Maximum Service Pressure  98 MPa
Design Temperature -40 to +85 °C
End Connections Cone & Thread Welding
Cv 2.1 (9/16″, 40,000psi)
Operation Pneumatic actuator, Manual

The HRS package unit

Our HRS package unit consists of a compressor unit, high-pressure storage tanks, a valve unit, and a dispenser as an option.


Modular, multi-purpose, and customised HRS package unit
To meet the needs for a wide range of H2 applications, this HRS package unit is designed as a modular system with a high degree of flexibility. With the modularisation, it is possible to adapt for HDT, for which a large-scale hydrogen supply system is essential.

Basic line-up of the modular, multipurpose and customised HRS package unit for a wide range of H2 applications.
Basic line-up of the modular, multipurpose and customised HRS package unit for a wide range of H2 applications.

Easy re-assembly and workability
The valve unit employs an isolated piping design. Even when managing stiff piping with the material of 316SS and the structure of cone and thread fitting, it is easily detachable and keeps workability because of the design.

Efficient fluid control performance
At HRS, advanced technologies are needed to manage the smallest molecule at high pressure with rapid fluid control. The valve developed for use in HRSs has enough durability to handle very frequent and rapid operation. KITZ’s ball valves, developed for use in HRS, have a CV of 2.1 to minimise the pressure loss of hydrogen flow under such extreme pressure (maximum service pressure: 98MPa).

Practical applications and contributions

In 2012, KITZ developed high-pressure ball valves for hydrogen with our advanced flow control technology. The innovative technology was utilised for the HRS package unit in 2020, and through these challenges, we have achieved further progress on our technology. By reflecting on customers’ feedback and discussing with business partners, the efficient and functional HRS package unit was created. Now, we are going the extra mile.

Tomoko Kubota
Tomoko Kubota

About the author

Tomoko Kubota holds an MBA in Marketing, and works as a Deputy Manager for the Hydrogen Division at KITZ Corporation. Taking advantage of experiences in automobile and industrial gas industries, she has been responsible for business development of the hydrogen market in the team.

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