Aquana announces new remote shutoff valve

Aquana, LLC., a subsidiary of Geospace Technologies (GEOS) has announced the release of the latest product in the Water IoT platform, a new remote shutoff valve known as the Actuator Valve Serial (AVS). Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Aquana AVS valve is an IP68-rated remote disconnect ball valve designed to integrate with any existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) platform.

The Aquana AVS provides an affordable solution for water utilities seeking to incorporate remote water shutoff into their service territory. The AVS helps improve employee safety while reducing operating expenses for water utilities by allowing remote start, stop, or reduced water delivery to specific locations without sending service personnel to the field.

While universally compatible with existing AMI platforms, the AVS has been approved for use with Itron’s AMI network and is also compatible with AMI solutions from other vendors. This eliminates the need for a separate wireless connection to enable remote shutoff capabilities.

Aquana focused on shorter and easier installation time with the AVS product. The two-piece design allows for separate installation of the valve body and the actuator. While the NPSM Swivel Nut feature supports flexible installation orientation. The AVS offers up to five different valve positions including open, closed, and up to three reduced-flow options that utilities can customize to their needs. AVS includes built-in tamper detection that provides alerts in case of potential intrusion.

The new AVS product expands the Aquana smart valve portfolio of products targeted at the water utility market, joining the SV2 Smart Valve.

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