ARAKO supplied valves for combined power plants

ARAKO in cooperation with OY Konwell won two important tenders for Finnish projects OEBIO OULU and PORI. At the beginning of August, after successful takeovers, it was exported 280 industrial valves worth over EUR 500,000.

The Toppila power plant in Oulu is one of the largest peat-fired power plants in the world. The new 215 MW power plant will operate on the principle of burning several types of fuel using approximately 70% wood, 15% processed fuel and 15% peat and will start operating in 2020-2021 after the end of the life of Toppila 1.

As part of this project, ARAKO delivered 130 high-pressure shut-off valves, Lift check valves and also Swing check valves. In addition, 90 cast Gate valves were supplied as standard. Some types of gate valves were modified by the external bypass, the Gate valves DN400 were supplemented by an elongated spindle for remote control.

For the construction of the new Aittaluoto power plant in Pori, ARAKO supplied 38 pieces of cast Gate valves operated by a handwheel and an electric actuator AUMA + AUMATIC. The valves are supplied as a part of the Pori Energia investment program, which aims to increase the share of the energy produced from renewable sources and thereby reduce the current level of carbon dioxide emissions. At present, the main engine of the Aittaluoto power plant are two boilers and two turbines. With the planned investment of EUR 60M, the old boiler and turbine in the main unit of the Aittaluoto plant will be replaced by a new BFB boiler with a back-pressure turbine. The 90 MW boiler will supply heat to the city of Pori (Finland), produce steam for neighboring industrial areas and transfer electricity to the distribution network.

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