ARMATURY Group supports university research

ARMATURY Group globe and ball valves have been selected by a research institute for use in their laboratory. The valves belong to the equipment of a new laboratory for measurement of flow in hydraulic elements by the Mini CTA method built for the Department of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Equipment of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Mining – Technical University of Ostrava. The laboratory is being used by students studying simulation of flow with heat transfer.

This is not the first cooperation of the company with the technical university. Vladimír Vašíček, ARMATURY Group’s director for research and development, explains: “Persons involved in scientific investigation and research are increasingly aware of our company and ask our engineers for cooperation. When representatives of the Department described important achievements in the past 50 years, it was nice to hear that the cooperation with ARMATURY Group is of utmost importance for the Department of Hydromechanics in the field of cooperation between science and practice. We want to continue these scientific and research activities also in the future. This is one of the ways helping us to prolong the service life of our valves and to promote the name of ARMATURY Group.”

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