ARMATURY Group’s valves at Chvaletice Power Plant

ARMATURY Group has been awarded the contract for reconstruction of two blocks in Chvaletice Power Plant. ARMATURY Group has supplied 12 pieces of special fully welded steel knife gate valves.

The special hand-operated knife gate valves S33.4 of large dimension will be installed in new coal powder pipeline at Chvaletice Power Plant.

“The gate valves were designed for installation in horizontal position, in a vertical pipeline DN 1450, while the connection into piping was DN 1600 and the face to face dimension of valves could not exceed 250 mm. At the same time the gate valves had to fulfil adequate protection against sparking and ignition of powder mixture inside the valve,” explains Petr Heider, technical director of ARMATURY Group a.s.

ARMATURY Group has delivered about 400 pieces of valves, from small globe valves DN 10 to large butterfly valves DN 1400 and the mentioned special gate valves DN 1450/1600 worth EUR 630 000.

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