Arvesta chooses Rotork IQT3 range actuators

PRODIM Industrial Valves & Automation is mainly active in the chemical and petrochemical industry. ARVESTA brought us a pleasant change this year.
Thanks to the good experience in the use and operational reliability at the production site in Aalter, with the installation of 2 ROTORK IQT quarter-turn actuators in 2018, the site in Merksem opted for the same drive to replace an old and no longer available motor. Left/right control had to come from the customer’s control cabin, resulting in a complex setup.
The flour mill functions through a rack slide that has to make a movement of 2.5 revolutions on its output shaft. IQTF3 is suitable for this: the drive is adjustable between 30° and 47 revolutions. Since all control, 4..20mA regulator, and return are integrated with the actuator itself, the set-up was drastically simplified.

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