AS-Schneider’s high temperature fitting valves

E Series valves and manifolds by AS-Schneider exceed the temperature limits in DIN EN 61518. Direct mount manifolds for pressure and differential pressure transmitters are normally protected against excess warming from hot process media through long impulse lines. Many users have requested that the manifolds and their flange connection to the transmitter should be able to withstand higher temperatures. The E series valves and manifolds by AS-Schneider are available upon request with a sealing made of graphite. Thus, they can be readily used up to 550 degrees Celsius.

high temperature fitting valve

The international standard EN 61518 / IEC 61518 describes the flange connection between the manifolds and the pressure transmitters. Here, the temperature limits of these connections are described, among other things: 80 degrees Celsius for PTFE sealing and 120 degrees Celsius for graphite sealing. The temperature limit of 120 degrees Celsius refers to the limits which are applicable for the transmitter. The limit for the flange connection itself can be dimensioned higher according to the pipeline standards.

AS-Schneider supplies the E Series valves and manifolds with either PTFE or graphite sealing.
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