AS-Schneider’s metal seated DBB Valves

Industrial valves specialist AS-Schneider has expanded the comprehensive Double Block & Bleed product range of its proven VariAS-Blocks. These are now also available with a metal seated ball valve design. The valves are suitable for use as a reliable primary isolation in industrial plants – at pressures up to 420 bar and under harsh operating conditions.

The VariAS-Blocks by AS-Schneider are used in chemical plants and the oil and gas industry among other applications where the pressure must be continuously monitored and measured in the pipework. As primary isolation valves on the pressure tapping points, these special shut-off devices reliably separate the impulse lines and process lines from each other. This not only allows reliable pressure measurements, but also protects people and the environment from dangerous and harmful process media.

The VariAS-Blocks combine primary isolation (process side) and secondary isolation (instrumentation side) valves in one single valve body. This is the most commonly used is the double block & bleed design with a primary and a secondary isolation ball valve design and a metal seated needle vent valve.

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