AS-Schneider’s “technically leakproof” solution

AS-Schneider introduces its tried and tested bellows sealed valves for very hazardous media that even a minimal leak rate can be too great.

To move the valve stem upwards and downwards without leaks, a multi-layer, metal bellow is used that is welded on the one side to the stem and on the other side to the valve bonnet. Therefore a leakage along the valve stem is not possible.

“Technically leak-proof” properties include:

– Fully flushed, multi-layer stainless steel bellows secured against rotating, designed for 2500 mechanical cycles

– Bellows welded on one side to stem and on other side to valve bonnet

– Non-rotating valve tip in Stellite 6 material

– Safety packing

– Available pressure classes: PN 100, PN 250, PN 400 on request

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