Asahi/America’s electric and pneumatic actuators

Asahi/America, Inc., announces that its electronic and pneumatic actuators have been added to the control valves specification section (230923.11) of MasterSpec®. The Series 19 electric actuator and Series 79 pneumatic actuator specifications have been vetted and formatted by MasterSpec® to fit the Product MasterSpec™ format. Engineers who use MasterSpec® will now be able to incorporate Asahi/America’s Series 19 and Series 79 actuator specifications as the basis of design for various municipal and industrial projects.

The Series 19 electric actuator is available in four operating configurations: on/off, modulating, failsafe, and modulating failsafe; and three sizes to meet valve torque requirements. The multi-voltage general purpose unit operates at a 75 percent duty cycle for more frequent cycling of the valve. Compatible with most PLCs, the Series 19 is an ideal choice for OEMs and skid manufacturers where space is at a premium, but power cannot be sacrificed.

Asahi/America’s Series 79 pneumatic actuator is offered in glass-reinforced polyamide, cataphoresis & Rilsan-coated cast aluminum alloy, and 316 stainless steel – all of which incorporate ISO and NAMUR mounting configurations for simple installation of valves and accessories. The units are compact, yet extremely durable and available in output torques from 59 to 40,710 in-lbs based on an 80psi air supply.

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