Asco Joucomatic’s Power pulse valves

Asco Joucomatic introduces its new redesigned range of Power pulse dust collection valves. Available in sizes from 3/4” to 1”, the new valves offer faster opening and closing times with less noise; and also a reduction in overall valve size, to aid integration into OEM dust collector systems. The Series 353/800 Power pulse offers the new, patented, piston cartridge. The piston cartridge design offers reduced valve size, and the options of internal exhaust and high temperature operation. The combination of the piston cartridge with a new design of valve bonnet achieves reductions in noise during operation. The integral bonnet has been constructed with an expansion chamber into which pressurised air expands. The standard material of manufacture for the cartridge is Polyacetal, which facilitates operation up to 850C; however, with the option of a high temperature Polyamide piston continuous operation up to1500C is provided, with an absolute maximum of up to 180C.

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