ASCO’s long-life valve for critical care units

TASCO launches a Flat-core valve that has been designed primarily for use on breathing apparatus in critical care applications. The valve is virtually silent in operation which brings significant improvements to the quality of treatment and care of patients in critical units. The valve is unique to the market and uses a flat-core to control air flow rather than a traditional plunger.

The valve boasts a long life span of more than 500 million cycles thanks to its friction-free moving flat core and robust construction of stainless steel, PEEK and PPS (polyphenylene sulphide). All materials are ideally suited for use in oxygen service and are compatible with a wide range of other chemicals commonly found in medical applications. The valve also offers an adjustable response time depending on customer requirements.

The ASCO Flat Core valve has a small footprint with a diameter of 15mm, an operating temperature range of -17°C to +60°C and a pressure range of 0-9 bar.

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