ASK Chemicals plans to impress

ASK Chemicals plans to impress at this year’s CastExpo event in St. Louis, MO, April 6th to 9th. Located on booth 2656, ASK Chemicals will feature fifteen different customer castings arranged specifically by the incorporated ASK Chemicals product line used in its production: Coatings & Auxiliaries, Cold-Box, Feeding Systems, Metallurgy and No-Bake. Visitors can also enjoy four different videos spread throughout the space focusing on ASK Chemicals’ value added services: Design Services, R&D and Technical Services.
Additionally, they are due to present three essays at the Expo. Visitors interested in casting optimization through simulation can enjoy several presentations from the ASK Chemicals Design Services group on the recently introduced Arena Flow 7.4 software – computational particle fluid dynamics (CPFD) – located on the ASK Chemicals booth. These demonstrations will take place twice per day (11 am & 3 pm) from April 6th to 8th.
Particular emphasis will be given to the presentation of Dr. Reinhard Stoetzel, Global Product Manager Coatings, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, Germany, on Monday, April 8th at 2 pm in room 127. He will be talking about sustainable coating and additive concepts in the foundry industry and how they contribute to casting quality and performance – a major focus in foundry companies. New concepts within core and mold coatings, as well as sand additives, are key to optimizing casting processes and alleviating some challenges currently facing foundries.
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