ATV to design, qualify & manufacture 7″ 20k valve

ATV to qualify and manufacture a 7” 20k 350oF Gate Valve to upgrade HWCG’s 20k valve based capping stack by 2020.

HWCG, a deepwater oil and gas emergency response consortium for the US Gulf of Mexico, announces that it has commissioned Advanced Technology Valve, S.p.A. to design, qualify and manufacture a 7” gate valve rated to 20,000-psi and 350°F that will be used to upgrade HWCG’s 20k valve based capping stack that is slated for delivery in late 2019.

The larger valve will improve the capping stack’s ability to respond to its Members’ most prolific and technically challenging deepwater wells by improving the area open to flow and the riser load capability of the current capping stack which was designed using existing 5” 20k valves also manufactured by ATV. The larger valve will also allow better vertical access to the incident well for intervention. The 7” valve will be integrated into HWCG’s 20k capping stack by Trendsetter Engineering during 2020. The capping stack will be stored in a ready-for-deployment mode on the US Gulf Coast for use following a subsea well blowout.

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