AUMA actuators deliver in Russia’s frozen Far East

More than 300 AUMA actuators ensure reliable valve automation at temperatures below –40°C in a remote gas processing plant and a tank farm operated by Yatec in the Sakha Republic, approximately 5,000 km north-east of Moscow.
The Sakha Republic, otherwise known as Yakutia, is part of the Far Eastern District of the Russian Federation. The gas treatment plant serving the Sredne-Vilyuisk condensate field predominantly uses 220 AUMA intelligent SAEx electric actuators fitted with LE linear thrust units to operate linear valves. The EAC-certified actuators were delivered over the last three years during construction of the second stage of the gas plant.
Another 80 AUMA actuators have been in service at a Yatec tank farm near the city of Yakutsk since 2012.
This flat landscape of lakes, bog and coniferous forest sees warm summers and savagely cold winters. To ensure reliable operation in such challenging conditions, AUMA delivered extreme low temperature versions of its actuators designed for service down to –60°C.
Yatec (Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company JSC), founded in 1967, is the largest gas producer in the Sakha Republic. Yatec is the only supplier of natural gas to central Yakutia, providing about 86% of all the gas produced in the republic. The company also sells gas condensate and diesel fuel. Yatec is part of the oil and gas block of Summa Group.
Technical specialists of the AUMA office in Khabarovsk recently visited the Yatec sites to inspect the actuators and set up an on-site maintenance scheme for the future. AUMA’s Russian subsidiary PRIWODY AUMA provides comprehensive service and support across the entire Russian Federation, with its head office in Moscow, five regional offices, and additional local representatives.
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