AUMA success supporting Turkish water scheme

Electric AUMA actuators supplied to the ISKI Ataköy WWTP in Istanbul, Turkey have successfully provided valve control technology since 2010.
Just under 150 AUMA devices, including actuators, gearboxes and controls, were supplied to the prestigious biological waste water treatment plant which is one of the country’s biggest schemes of its kind. The Ataköy WWTP houses 16 decanters and treats effluent from several Istanbul districts – it has been hailed a significant environmental project.
With a treatment capacity of a two million population equivalent, it is designed for up to 500,000 m³ effluent/day in the final stage. State-of-the-art technology including AUMA modular actuators has been adopted at Ataköy. Key reasons for selection of AUMA products included plug and socket connection provided as standard which ensures that wiring remains undisturbed, even if the actuator has to be removed from the valve, e.g. for maintenance purposes.
A PROFIBUS DP connection board enables fieldbus communication and integral software provides a non-intrusive actuation solution allowing actuator parameters, such as position and torque limits, to be set without needing to gain access to the internal workings of the actuator.
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