AUMA supplies actuators for Arctic Circle

Swedish mining company LKAB relies on AUMA electric actuators to secure the outlet of a process water lake at its mine in Kiruna. The LKAB mine is the world’s largest underground iron ore mine and has an annual production capacity of more than 26 MT of iron ore. The mine and the town of Kiruna are located at the northern edge of Sweden.

AUMA supplied two of its latest-generation multi-turn actuators to automate two gates located at the outlet of a reservoir dam. The existing actuators on the gates were replaced with the SA 14.6 actuators with AC actuator controls to ensure sufficient torque to operate the gates safely when the water level is high. The heavy gates are 1300 mm wide and have a travel of 1760 mm. To open and close them, the actuators are equipped with rising stems more than 2 m long.

AUMA actuators are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. They are available in extreme temperature versions, for example down to –60°C or up to +120°C.

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