AUMA Supports Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco, a leading brand in the petro-chem industry have chosen to use AUMA actuators for essential automation processes. The petroleum-based energy organisation’s adoption of AUMA’s modular electric actuators includes valve control at the Ju’aymah Crude Oil Terminal in Saudi Arabia.
Representing one of the largest terminals that AUMA has supported, the operation is designed to load the world’s largest super tankers. Located in over 15 meters of water, crude and fuel oil bunkers are received from storage tanks on the shore and Extra Light, Arab Light, Arab Medium and Arab Heavy crude oils are exported.
AUMA actuators are installed and tested at theDresser Al Rushaidcontrol valve factory in Al Jubail where they aid essential automation processes of a stabilised crude pipeline.
The installation is the latest petro-chem application of AUMA’s actuation products. Other schemes supported around the globe include refineries, tank farms, extraction plants and pipelines.
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