AUMA UK opens its doors to the VW TV Team!

By David Sear & Mark Casey

Looking for an update on the world of electric actuators, the Valve World TV Team decided to pay a visit to AUMA UK in Clevedon.

On arrival, Managing Director Paul Hopkins extended us a “laisser-passer”, saying we were very welcome to look in all areas and pose any questions we liked.

As you can see below, we needed no second invitation to spend the rest of the day quizzing staff about their jobs, the needs of their customers, their visions on the future of the industry, and even what they did in their spare time.

So a sincere thank-you to Paul and his team for their incredible hospitality, and we hope you will enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

Paul Hopkins, AUMA UK Managing Director
Paul kick-starts our day with a discussion of AUMA UK’s role – and also explains just why the company has invested in its own painting booth. He also looks at some sector trends, such as dual source supply, safety and extended product life-times.
Kerry Harris, UK Head of Sales
Kerry first explains why AUMA UK is such a strong believer in account managers who, by talking to customers, develop a full understanding of their needs. He then reflects on how to develop an accurate assessment of life-cycle costs before emphasizing the benefits of working to ISO 9000.
Tom Gibbs, Service Technician
Call AUMA UK with a request for spares or service, and it could very well be Tom who picks up the phone to help you. This “new recruit” has successfully completed a three-year apprenticeship, which combined a college education with on-site learning. Hearing all about motors in the classroom – and then applying that knowledge on-site – is a great way to learn and enter the industry, he confirms.
Simon Bonney, Sales Manager
Having an engineering background is a real advantage when it comes to selling a technical product, believes Simon. He himself has spent thirty years in the industry and still enjoys it as much as the day he started. In short, engineering is a career he would heartily recommend to others.
Mark Foster, Service Sales Manager
Service sales managers such as Mark work closely with plant owners and operators, who are increasingly looking for maximum reliability in actuators. Mark indicates that AUMA actuators can in fact help owners better schedule plant maintenance thanks to the built-in intelligence and also be used to connect up additional field devices. Asked to look into a crystal ball, Mark foresees actuators with even simpler commissioning that can be integrated even more easily with sophisticated control systems.
Maureen Wycherley, administration
Seated in reception, Maureen is a familiar and trusted face to staff and visitors alike at AUMA UK in Clevendon. But if you are fond of the arts, then you might also have seen Maureen in another role (no pun intended). For Maureen is a natural when it comes to the performing arts, such as singing, dancing and acting, regularly taking to the boards in major theaters and play-houses across the South-West. And if you’ve never heard of a singing waitress before, then you must watch her video interview.
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