AUMA’s modular credentials secure KazTransOil cont

KazTransOil, the dominant oil transporter for Kazakhstan, has selected AUMA’s modular electric actuators for valve automation at an oil metering skid incorporated into the Almaty terminal.
Responsible for 80% of all oil distributed in Kazakhstan, KazTransOil operates a vast pipeline network totaling over 6,000 km. Located in the Caspian Sea, the new oil terminal meets demand for increased oil volumes produced at offshore and onshore fields.
With an established track record supplying the oil industry, and strong local presence, AUMA was selected to supply actuation combinations, including gearboxes, in explosion proof variants. Ball valves for the project were supplied by Virgo.
Separate housing for electrical connections using plug and play technology, which is part of AUMA’s adaptable actuation offer, was seen as an important design feature as wiring is not disturbed, even if an actuator is removed from a valve.
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