AutomationDirect Adds Linear Slides

AutomationDirect’s SureMotion line of motion control products has recently included motor-ready actuator assemblies and an assortment of sliding components and accessories to provide a wide-range of motion control solutions for X-Y and X-Y-Z positioning systems.

Twin round-shaft slide actuators feature a continuously-supported round rail slide with ball screw actuation and provide robust precision linear motion. Models are available with 12-inch and 24-inch travel distances and are designed for positioning systems and heavy loads.

Compact slide actuators are self-contained and designed for light loads in harsh or wet conditions in a very small package. The units also feature a stainless steel lead screw embedded in a hard-coated aluminium shaft specially machined to match sliding elements.

LAVL series value linear slide actuators (starting at $789.00) are low-cost units using the latest in sliding element technology. Designed to fit NEMA 17 size motors, units are constructed with hard-coated aluminium guide shafts and a stainless steel lead screw. Ideal for X-Y-Z- positioning systems in harsh or wet environments, LAVL series value linear actuators are available with travel distances ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches.

Round-shaft sliding elements can be combined with other elements to build a huge variety of machine mechanisms. It features linear ball bearings, carbon-steel shafts and high-quality clear anodized aluminium blocks.

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