Babcock Valves announces Y-lift check valves

Y-lift check valves are a specific type of retention valve: a device that allows the flow of a fluid in just one direction inside of a pipeline system. There are different kinds of non-return valves depending on the nature of the mechanism used to prevent backflow. Piston check valves receive the flow under the disc. Then, the inlet line pressure forces the disc to move within the body bore, allowing the fluid flow through the valve. In case of quick reverse flow, the disc automatically returns to a close position.

Y-Lift check valves with pressure seal cover are used to prevent reverse fluid in lines with high pressure and/or temperature. For instance, in boiler applications, this valve is used as a feed water check valve, preventing reverse water flow through the boiler during normal operation or during boiler shutdown.

Babcock Valves designs and manufactures and maintains Y-lift check valves in sizes from 2″ to 24″ with an ANSI Class from 600 to 4500. They can be equipped with an equalizer for full disc (this option is also applicable to stop-check type). The valves can be flanged or butt-weld ends. Babcock offers this product in a full range of body/cover materials and a full range of trim materials. Babcock products meet the design of ANSI B16.34, ANSIB16.5, API 600, BS, and DIN.

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