Baker Hughes launches Low-E Packing

Baker Hughes has committed to environmental stewardship by reducing CO2 equivalent emissions to 50% by 2030 and achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050. MasoneilanTM has committed supporting this clean air initiative through continuous development to surpass industry standards and exceed current day emission requirements with the launch of the NEW Masoneilan Low-E Packing series for reduced emissions.

With the inception of the EPA’s Clean Air Act in 1963, our industry has been tasked to develop improved solutions that can limit fugitive emissions for our customers. The new Masoneilan Low-E packing series far exceeds some of the most rigorous ISO and EPA specifications of < 100 and < 50 ppm in the market today. With over 100,000 cycles using both methane and helium test media, the Low-E series has been independently tested and verified for certification as low as 1 ppm for some of our premier products, including the flagship CamflexTM, rotary control valve. In addition, most globe and severe service valves have also been certified with results in the low range of 6-10 ppm, making a complete portfolio of best-in-class control valve solutions.

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