Bal Seal polymers achieve NORSOK compliance

Bal Seal Engineering, a producer of custom-engineered sealing solutions for equipment used in oil and gas processes, has achieved NORSOK M-710 compliance for its P-69D HT and GFP-55 HT seal materials. An independent organisation confirmed this month that the materials qualified against the sour gas (H2S) tests defined in the standard.

P-69D HT is a blended polymer with a base of polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The GFP-55 HT material is also a blended polymer with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) base. Both materials are frequently employed in the design of the company’s Bal Seal spring-energised seals, which protect against fluid leakage in top drives, progressive cavity pumps and other critical oilfield equipment.

During the testing, which was conducted by UK-based Element Materials Technology, Bal Seal subjected samples of the P-69D HT and GFP-55 HT to sour multiphase fluid aging and high H2S levels in order to simulate environments found in oil and gas production.
The materials were exposed to a standard NORSOK fluid mixture containing 2 molpercentage H2S in the test gas mixture. Exposure tests were conducted at 180, 200 and 220° C for up to 49 days, and results show that both materials performed well within acceptable NORSOK limits.
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