Ball valves for hydrogen

FCX Copmat Voglin has won two major orders from gas industry giant Air Liquide. It will supply the company with a total of 800 specially designed ball valves for hydrogen service. Delivery is scheduled for January 2003. The first order is for around 400 valves, Class 300 to 900, for the Jupiter project at the BASF plant in Antwerp, Belgium. The second order is for over 400 valves, Class 300 to 800, for the Repsol plant in Puertollano, Spain. The one-piece ball valves, now Air Liquide’s standard for hydrogen plants, were custom-designed by FCX Copmat Voglin in close co-operation with the manufacturer, Kitz Corporation of Barcelona. The valves are mostly metal or metal seated, with a body of carbon steel, stainless steel or LF2 with corrosion-allowance thickness designed to cater for this specialist application.

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